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The Importance of Sanitation

Concepts and practices of hygiene and sanitation in the food industry play a critical role in eliminating food poisoning and foodborne illnesses and potential contamination.

It is an important requirement in order to provide food safety and sanitation standards within your company, to protect your reputation in the field you operate and to provide efficiency in your processes. Failed sanitation practices can contribute to food-borne disease outbreaks and put public health at risk.

We all know the importance of maximum hygiene and its impact on our lives. Tanriver hygiene barriers guarantee maximum personnel and facility hygiene in a wide variety of industries, especially at the entry and exit points of production, which are very important in food processing.

Tanrıver hygiene equipment, HACCP, which means “Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points” in Turkish; that is, it complies with the safety system requirements that determine the essential hygiene rules for healthy food production.

It also supplies equipment compatible with ISO 22000 and BRC Food Safety Management System, which specifies the rules and precautions to be followed during the production, processing, preservation and distribution of food in our customers’ facilities.