More than 50 countries on 3 continents

We produce high standards of hygiene technologies for over 2000 companies that care about human health and hygiene. We offer suitable solutions not only in highly sensitive companies such as health and food, but also in all sectors from construction to electronics.

Our Local and Global Brand Journey
With humble beginning as a local manufacturer many years ago, we understood the needs of Turkish
companies in terms of hygiene equipment at that time. And now we produce proven quality and
value-added products worldwide. Since the first day that our production started, we have become a
global player by taking the right steps and growing in line with hygiene industry trends. We have
been bringing the world's best quality hygiene equipment to many companies for over two decades
(20 years) and we are very proud of producing our own unique and customized hygiene technology.
Thanks to our 100% domestic production opportunity, we offer fast project based productions based
on the recognized global standard. Our dedicated engineering design team, offer the best hygiene
solutions based on the space availability and requirement of your factory. Through our extensive
spare parts, service network and fast and easily accessible customer support, we aim to achieve the
highest customer’s satisfaction in our after sales service. Our hygiene equipment are used not only
in Turkey but also in more than 50 countries across 4 continents every day. We are repeatedly
proven the highest success rate in our field of specialization by providing hygiene solutions and
services to many leading brands and companies, especially in food & beverages as well as
pharmaceutical and service sectors. Thanks to the trust of businesses in us and our brands, we
continue to be the first company that comes to mind whenever the hygiene systems are required.
We are proud to be the continuous preferred brands for the installation of sanitation lines.

Our Values
By establishing long-term relationships with our business partners and stakeholders, we can take
strong and solid steps into the future. In this framework, we do not only offer our partners special
solutions that effectively address the issues they need on a daily basis, but also help them meet the
required quality standards and ensure efficiency. Because we know demand and value our esteem
customers, therefore their requested hygiene projects at the sector in which they operate is our
main priorities.

Our Goal
As one of the world leading companies in the hygiene equipment sector; To develop our unrivaled
product, service expertise and also to offer special and high quality solutions to every customer.
Therefore our goal ıs to meet the demand of our customers globally whıch we have successfully
carried out for the past 20 years.


We maintain your hygiene safely for 20 years.

In more than 50 countries on 3 continents, we produce high standards of hygiene technologies for over 2000 companies that care about human health and hygiene.