Tanrıver Çizme Kurutma Makineleri tesis hijyeninin korunmasına destek veriyor

Tanrıver Çizme Kurutma Makineleri işyerindeki olası hastalıkların, istenmeyen kokuların önlenmesini sağlıyor ve tesis hijyeninin korunmasına destek veriyor.

Tanrıver Boot Drying Machines are suitable for all kinds of Industrial shoes and boots and prevent the unwanted odors in the workplace and support the protection and hygienic environment of the factory.
Boot Dryer system designed to dry and disinfect the Industrial Boots or Shoes that are wore by the personnel while entering and leaving the work areas in the variety of Industries.
It practically and systematically removes moisture and unpleasant odors from the personnel feet wear.
With TANRIVER Equipment, your facility hygiene is under 100% control.

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